A few updates on posts past…

I know I should be posting updates about my actual pregnancy (week 37, people!), and I will…with pictures…eventually…  But I’ve got a few updates on some posts I’ve recently done, and I wanted to address those first, before they lost their relevancy.

1. For those of you who were interested in my breastfeeding post, you should head over to Stand and Deliver for Rixa’s review of the book, Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy.  It sounds like a great book, and one I just might order for myself.  It’s supposed to be much more visual than most books on the how-tos of breastfeeding.  Of course, maybe it’s a little unfortunate that we have to have a book show us how to do it, rather than our breastfeeding sisters and friends, but we are where we are.

2. If you were worried by or balked at my gigantic feet, which I forgot to mention are a petite size 5 in “real life,” you’ll be glad to know that after a whole weekend spent almost entirely on the couch with my feet propped up, the swelling has gone down dramatically, and I’m back to just moderate swelling.  Even after two days at the office, the swelling isn’t too bad at all.  I’m not daring to put on work shoes that aren’t called clogs (involving, of course, massive fashion violations of mixing black pants and brown shoes), but I’m not coming home from work with sausages for toes.  Basically, my commitment now is to make no more significant commitments before the baby is born.  LISTENING to the body.

3. Finally, if you’ve been on pins and needles about the burgular we caught, I learned even more after writing that post.  TURNS OUT, he stole way more than some prescription meds.  I went over to Mr. Bishop’s house with our other neighbor, Skip, and Mr. Bishop gave us the scoop.  Dude busted out a window on the side of the house that’s not next to ours (there’s an empty lot between that side and the next neighbor over) and banged in the metal bars that were on the window to get in.  He stole all kinds of stuff–all of the china from the china cabinet, telephones, food, toiletries, DVD players, a small TV, guns (!), a stereo, etc.  I don’t know if he had an accomplice with a vehicle, or if he was running things back to his duplex down the street (with or without help–I suspect he had help of some sort).  Skip actually found Mr. Bishop’s stereo in his driveway–Skip’s wife thought it was a bag of garbage someone had dropped there–turns out, it was a stereo wrapped in a white sheet.  OH, and I was right about what the noise that woke me up was.  Mr. Bishop has this HUGE, old school, big screen TV.   Dude had wheeled it to the back room where he’d come in, but there was no way it was going to fit through the tiny window.  So what woke me up was Dude banging on the metal security door FROM THE INSIDE so he could wheel the TV out.  If he had just given up on the idea of getting that TV out, I’d have never heard a thing, and who knows if he’d have been caught or not!

I’m still a little anxious about, if Dude doesn’t get some significant prison time, he’s going to want to retaliate on me/us for getting him caught.  I’m not sure if this is a realistic fear or not.  I’m not having nightmares or anything, but I am a little more sensitive than usual at night.  Still need to get cracking on the alarm system.  One of my little brothers works at the prosecutor’s office, and he’s trying to find out Dude’s name and get me hooked up to the program where witnesses and vicitms can find out when suspects/perpatrators are released.  There’s been a fair amount of activity over at the duplex, and it sort of looks like Dude’s mom and others have been cleaning out the place.  The dog that’s usually on the run is gone.  I’m hoping that, even if he does get out, that’s the end of his stay in the neighborhood.  Skip said that he’s got my back, that he won’t let anybody mess with me, and that he’d see Dude run out of the neighborhood first before seeing us scared off.  But I’m not that scared.

OH, WAIT, turns out he’s already back.  As in, I just saw him walking into his duplex right after learning from Mr. Bishop that he’s out.  Awesome.

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