39 weeks!!! And I’m a nutter.

I…am…huge.  HUGE.  This baby is huge.  Probably about seven pounds at this point.  Okay, so that’s not really all that huge.  My stretch marks, which were hardly there just a few weeks ago, make my belly look even more like a watermelon.  Here, see for yourself:




I’m still trying to fight the feeling that the baby is coming tomorrow (every day), and I do think I’m getting better.  I only mentioned the possiblity of going into labor a handful of times this weekend, rather than a few dozen like last weekend.  Today I did go a little crazy, though.  I had this intensely stressful sense that the baby didn’t have enough clothes.  Or toys.  So we bought some more newborn onesies and some gowns.  And some little wooden and cloth toys that are supposed to inspire touch, grasp, and smell.  Oh, and pants.  I realized that the baby didn’t have but one pair of pants that will fit before three months or so.  I assume babies need pants…right?

Am I totally insane?

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