32 Short Things About Brooke Stapleton

1) i graduate in 11 weeks
2) i have a migit toe
3) some might consider me a tad compulsive
4) my best friend in 6th grade once convinced me to take a splinter out of her bum (she didn’t have one…just wanted to see how good a friend i was)
5) my cat tarzan is laying on me right now kneading my arm with his paws
6) i just took up the mandolin
7) chocolate gives me headaches sometimes…but i LOVE it
8) i applied for my first really real job the other day
9) i’m super scared of sharks and alligator garr
10) i want to be a farmer (small-scale) when i grow up
11) i once “moved” to denver for like 11 days
12) i played basketball for 3 years and scored a total of 6 points
13) i learned to like beer in the netherlands
14) after gaining some weight, i realized just how vain i really am
15) and speaking of vain, i can’t stand when people can’t tell when i’m having a bad hair day (which means they can’t tell the difference between that and a good hair day)
16) i can tell when trevor’s getting home because of how his car sounds (he just pulled up)
17) i hate the comcast digital cable commercial…”dad, the cable’s out again can you fix it?”
18) i miss camping and wish i went all the time (or at least sometime)
19) i don’t like the cold of winter unless it’s snowing (otherwise, what’s the point?)
20) i’m a harry potter nut…from the books to the movies to the xbox games
21) i really like goats..they don’t go to hell!
22) i wish i were an artist, like a painter or sculpter or photographer or something
23) is the day i was born
24) is how old i am right now
25) is how old i’ll be in 2 months
26) i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i wish i had a girl who made a good apple cobbler what?
27) sometimes i miss my sophomore year of college…those were good days
28) what i really miss is dancing like a maniac (slut, whatever) like i did in college
29) movies i secretly like: princess diaries, sweet home alabama, and some other ones i can’t think of
30) i finally quit sleeping with my stuffed animal, mutt, this past fall
31) i didn’t learn to swim until the 5th grade
32) i once got a speeding ticket for doing 92 in a 65

did you make it?

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