1. wasabi…i want it anytime, on almost anything. dab some on a piece of sushi, cover some peanuts or freeze-dried peas. i love it. burns my nose. love it.
2. cookies and milk…oreos and nutter butters. extreme goodness. easy on the mouth. mmmmm.
3. the olympics…we’re watching so much of it here. love the skating, love the skiing, love the snowboarding. love it. i think i might try the luge some day, but trevor thinks i’m crazy. i mean, they do go 90 mph or so. either that or be a jockey (as in with the racing horses…i am pretty short, just have to drop 30 pounds or so).
the bane of my existence: my impacted wisdom teeth that think they’re going to come in. i’ve been in pain on one side of my mouth or the other since LAST THURSDAY! it’s totally out of control!!! i’m eating bananas for breakfast since the ibubprophen hasn’t kicked in by them.

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