Ten Months!

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie. You are one fast-moving little babe! Yesterday, when I got home from work (you had been home all day with your Dad), you nursed and then turned the turbo-speed on your crawling and led me all over the house. You are interested in everything: you crawl into Willow’s crate, you recently discovered the computer printer (pretty lights and beeps when you push the button), you’ve tried to eat dog food, you want to know what to do with the Roomba, you LOVE our backyard chickens. Your palate has expanded, and though you’ll try anything we put in front of you—several times before giving up on it (sorry, baby, that jambalya really was too spicy)—you’ have your favorites. Right now you’re into pita chips with hummus, yogurt, mandarin oranges and graham cracker sticks. I suspect you’ve been on a big growth spurt, because your appetite has been kind of insane. On Monday, you fussed and fussed until I put you in your seat and put some food in front of you. You ate the hummus like you’d never been fed before. You’re becoming such a big girl. It’s exciting and sad all at the same time.

Getting tubes put in your ears was our big event for the past month. Now that that’s over, though, you’re sprouting teeth left and right. No rest for the weary, eh?
You are super talkative lately. And your chatter is starting to take on new characteristics. I can hear your little inflections—it’s like you are asking a question—and you probably are. We’re still working on signing with you, but we’ve not seen much happening there. You are a major finger-pointer! You point to the dogs and cats, you point to what you want (everything) and you point to the pictures in your books (You’re finally interested in books! I was kind of worried, honestly). You seem to be particularly into faces. Anytime you see one, even the magazines in the check-out line at the grocery store, you point and chatter.
You have been honing your cruising skills, and you are standing on your own for brief moments more and more often. You’ve even started opting to cruise on furniture as a mode of transportation rather than crawling.

Unfortunately, we were rushed this morning, and you fell asleep in your car seat on the way home from daycare, so I don’t have any pictures of you today. So we’ll all just have to make due with some throughout the month.

4 thoughts on “Ten Months!

  1. Becca

    What kind of hummus and pita chips do you guys give sadie? That sounds like a great snack we haven’t tried yet. I think our kiddos would live off of mandarin oranges and yogurt if we let them.

    1. Brooke Post author

      She eats the Stacy’s plain pita chips (sometimes she does have a little trouble with them, but nothing she can’t take care of herself–though I think her Mimi would have a heart attack if she saw us giving her that). I can’t remember the brand name of the hummus. We get it from Kroger–at Gucci Kroger, it’s with the other refrigerated hummuses (hummi?), but it’s up higher and is in a weird shaped container with a red lid. It’s got the fewest, most natural ingredients of all of the prepared hummi (hummuses?) that I’ve found. No preservatives. What are some other foods y’all have been eating? I’m starting to run out of ideas. She goes to bed too early to just eat whatever we’re having for dinner, but sometimes we have leftovers that I can feed her. But then some days I feel like Old Mother Hubbard.

  2. Becca

    We are going to have to go in search of hummus next time we go to kroger then…
    We have been trying very hard to introduce the kiddos to a variety of foods (and spices/herbs). Sometimes we can get dinner fixed early enough that we can all eat together…but sometimes that doesn’t work out, due to either menu or prep time required for dinner (we have an extremely tight restaurant budget so 99% of the time we are cooking)
    If what we are having isn’t super baby friendly we’ll try to adjust it a little for them or just fix them something different altogether. Tonight we had nachos so the babies got black beans, a little bit of chicken, some refried beans, green peas, and yogurt. We’ve been doing a lot of fish lately since it is a healthier protein option. We buy the frozen tilapia filets at kroger. You can get a bag of about 7 filets for close to 5$ which is awesome because the twins can share one filet. Now I don’t know a whole lot about the kind of fishing that produces these filets…I probably should. Nevertheless the twins love the fish (after a few exposures).
    Other stuff we do for them: veggie night (I know…real creative), chicken and rice, veggies and rice, spaghetti (this might be their fav), grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, breakfast for dinner, broccoli rice and cheese, chicken pot pie, cheese tortillini, mac and cheese, veggie soup, chicken noodle soup.
    I’m sure other stuff I can’t think of. We keep the freezer full of frozen veggies- broccoli florets, corn, peas, we keep sweet potatoes around (I consider them a meat 🙂 ) we have been buying the steamfresh frozen veggies… Have to watch the kroger brand for added salt…
    Well, I should probably stop there…let me know if you guys have any favorite meals I could try out on the duo!

    1. Brooke Post author

      That’s a good idea to just have frozen veggies on hand. And good to know about the Kroger brand. The meal she’s probably gone the craziest for was roast chicken and the accompanying carrots and potatoes (cooked in the Crock Pot while we were at work!). That was one of her best nights of sleep, and I’m not sure it was a coincidence. I’m trying to avoid processed foods, of course, but there are these Back to Nature brand Honey Graham Sticks (also at Kroger!) that don’t have a TON of ingredients and that don’t have any of the heavy-hitters. She LOVES them.


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