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A sneak peak

Just a preview of the cuteness and fun that shall be the 7th Annual T&A’s Homemade Boat Race and Pirates and Portwhores Party. That is, if I remember to take and post pictures. These are the onesies I just made for Sadie Danger and her BFF, Margie Mayhem.


Does the fact that Sadie talks to and kisses (okay, I might have encouraged that one) the baby on her yogurt cup make her totally awesome or a little bit crazy? She doesn’t even bother learning the sign or word “yogurt;” we’ve just learned that whenever she’s eating and suddenly demands BABY! It’s time to get out some yogurt.

Oh, and Sadie has totally learned to say “cheese!” for the camera n

(In other news.) After quite a bit of a break, I’m back to my workout routine. I just did 91 push ups, and tomorrow morning I’m redrafting my C25k program. This time, I’ve got a friend joining me. It’ll be fun telling her to run and walk like I’m the boss. Too bad it’ll be my phone running my ass to begin with!

Some tidbits.

I just wrote a massive blog post about our vacation to Branson. But I don’t want to publish it just yet, in the hopes that I’ll score some more/better photos from family members in the meantime. So here are some tidbits about how things are. Because I’m still alive.

  • Apparently we’re in the hottest summer ever or something. I don’t watch the news, but it’s been effing hot around here.
  • Sadie was so excited to see her pets when we got home from vacation yesterday. She just kept yelling, “Kittie!” at the top of her screechy lungs.
  • Tomorrow Sadie and I go to our first parent-child dance class. I’m pretty pumped about it, but I’m a little worried about Sadie’s morning nap. I think I must also be a bit anxious about starting the adult ballet class next month, because I totally had this messed up dream about it last night. As in, I was being attacked by a mob of angry kittens while I was trying to change into my leotard, etc. (the leotard alone is worth being anxious over, I believe).
  • I did not do my push ups while on vacation. I totally planned on it, and think I would have had Monday night not been such a disaster (after finally getting Sadie to sleep at 11, I was all, “Fuck push ups,” as you might imagine). So, back to those this Monday night.
  • And back to running Monday morning. For real. I think my knees are better enough to figure out if it was the running or the squats that hurt them in the first place.
  • My girls-only vacation is booked for early September. I’m excited and nervous and all sorts of things (particularly as Trevor’s car just needed a bunch of unexpectedly expensive work). This is a post of its own.
  • And, to wrap up, I seem to have a plugged milk duct or something. Oh, the pain. Hot compresses aren’t doing a darn thing about it, either. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into mastitis. Yikes.

Here’s a picture of Sadie from one year ago. It was her first swim in the lake. Oh, those fat rolls were so cute. Now she’s just got a couple left. I am trying to treasure them as best I can.

Gone baby, gone.

Trevor shaved his goatee (affectionally known in this family as his goat beard) this morning. He last shaved his chin before moving to Arkansas to volunteer at Heifer Ranch. Nearly SEVEN YEARS AGO. I have never, before now, seen his face totally clean-shaven (other than pictures). Handsome, let me tell you. Handsome either way.

It’s the end of an era.

Until he changes his mind, that is n

I try.

I try to take pictures of Sadie in her cloth diaper; I fail, because she wants to take the diaper off.

I try to take pictures of Sadie’ 11curling hairs; I fail, because she wants to know what I’m doing behind her.

Maybe I should try taking pictures with something other than my phone.

At least I got a cute shot of loverman Tarzan bein the cutesy cat alive.

A quick lesson from my mistake.

I feel like many people, before Sadie was born, talked a lot about how after we had Sadie, we’d be doing laundry all the time. Of course, we’re cloth diapering, so that was a no-brainer. But all along, I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised that, other than the cloth diapers, we’ve only added one load of laundry to the week’s chore (usually done on Sunday), and sometimes only once every other week. It’s just kind of depended on how many outfits Sadie’s gone through in a week.

Enter solid food. And a messy eater.

Solid food + messy eater + time spent in the hamper = black spots on Sadie’s clothes!!!! Son-of-a-bitch! Turns out, people with kids are washing their kids’ clothes more often so that, you know, MOLD doesn’t grow on them.

I feel like a slob. Like an idiot. And kind of pissed off that now we’re going to have to figure out washing Sadie’s “soiled” clothes more frequently than once a week.

Anyone have any recommendations on getting the mold spots out? I’ve tried Oxyclean.

Life from the couch

I’ll spare you the details, but this week I’ve either had some sort of stomach bug, or I have managed to give myself a touch of food poisoning. Twice.

Today I worked from home, which means I was glued to the couch pretty much all day. Two laptops open, a Gatorade (gag) by my side. It got me reminiscing, though, about this time last year. Sadie was just over a month old, and we spent all day every day on the couch, from what I can remember.

Other than the stomach yuckies, it’s been relatively uneventful around here. Sadie is learning new words all the time–we’ve got “hey,” “hi,” “bye, bye,” “dog,” “woof, woof,” “kitty” (sort of), “eye,” “ball” (but not eyeball), and probably a couple more I’m not thinking of. Sadie is increasingly demanding about going outside. She had two stroller rides today, which has us hopeful that Sadie will love (she’d better) the bike trailer that just came for her today.

It might rain on Sunday, but if not, we’ll be taking her for a spin!

Oh, and don’t worry, she’s also got one of these:

Now, here’s hoping her mama can find the energy to pedal (not to mention her padded bike shorts!).