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One of those weeks.

Wowza. I’m glad it’s Friday. This has definitely been one of those weeks where, if it’s not one thing, it’s something else. I don’t like being a Master Complainer, but I need to get this off my chest.

This week we’ve:

  • Had glass bottle of very sticky soda smash on the kitchen floor. Cleaned it up, but not well enough.
  • Woken up to ants all over the sticky mess. Got rid of the ants and the stick mess with the steam mop.
  • Cracked two horribly rotten eggs from our darling chickens (first time I’ve experienced that).
  • Come home to Willow in her crate, surrounded by a pool of diarrhea and vomit (the crate that’s in the bedroom, our one carpeted room). This led to a multitude of complications, including the house reaching 85 degrees while we attempted to air it out.
  • Experienced the at-least-weekly cat vomit in the morning.
  • Woken up to another kitchen ant attack.
  • Probably had other absurd things happen that have blissfully escaped my mind.

BUT! We’ve had some good, too:

  • Sadie and I joined our friends for a end-of-the-summer swim and takeout dinner.
  • I went to my second ICAN meeting and felt really good about it. Went more in-depth about Sadie’s birth story.
  • Coincidentally bumped into a woman from the ICAN meeting as I was fleeing my poopy house and was invited to my first La Leche League meeting. This provided the perfect escape from the house–Sadie and I were able to eat dinner, play with other babies and talk about breastfeeding while the house aired out.
  • As I write this, running late for work, Trevor is kindly fixing me breakfast so I can take a breather. Thanks, love.

Oh, how I hope this Friday and weekend go better than the rest of this week.


Does the fact that Sadie talks to and kisses (okay, I might have encouraged that one) the baby on her yogurt cup make her totally awesome or a little bit crazy? She doesn’t even bother learning the sign or word “yogurt;” we’ve just learned that whenever she’s eating and suddenly demands BABY! It’s time to get out some yogurt.

Oh, and Sadie has totally learned to say “cheese!” for the camera n

(In other news.) After quite a bit of a break, I’m back to my workout routine. I just did 91 push ups, and tomorrow morning I’m redrafting my C25k program. This time, I’ve got a friend joining me. It’ll be fun telling her to run and walk like I’m the boss. Too bad it’ll be my phone running my ass to begin with!

Starts with a “V” and ends with “a-cay-shun.”

Heck, yeah! Summer vacation. The last time I took one of those, I was seven weeks pregnant, got a nasty head cold and spent approximately 96 percent of my time in a dark room watching a marathon of a show I’m embarrassed to mention (and only about four total hours on the beach). Thanks to the oil spill, my family relocated our vacation to Big Cedar Lodge, which is just outside (drum roll, please) Branson, Missouri. Now, I’ve grown up being kind of a snob about Branson (Fawn, I’m sorry. Also, I had no idea people actually came from Branson.). Probably has something to do with the obnoxiously cheesy Silver Dollar City commercials we in Little Rock grew up being subjected to. But the fact that the drive is less than four hours long definitely had its appeal.

Summer being the busier season for the cycling business, it’s pretty tough for Trevor to get time off (Wait, it’s ALWAYS hard for Trevor to get time off. Richard, are you reading this?). Being a crafty gal, I came up with the plan that Trevor, Sadie and I drive up on Sunday, meet up with my family at Big Cedar on Monday, and Trevor could drive back to LR on Tuesday, which meant he only had to take one day off from work. To be fair, I was all, “Let’s go camping!” and Trevor–often the voice of reason–convinced me to stay in a hotel in town. Considering that the heat index was eleventy billion degrees Fahrenheit, this was a good call. So that’s what we did, to much success. Sadie and I stayed on with my family until Thursday, leaving me with a luxurious long weekend doing mostly normal things with Sadie before going back to work.

Being the awesome person I am, I failed to pack spare batteries, so when my rechargeable batteries turned out not to be recharged at all, I resorted to my phone as camera (let’s ignore the fact that when I was unpacking, I discovered my battery charger was in my bag the entire time). We’ll also ignore the fact that the only photos I’ve been taking in the last few months have been with my phone because I’ve been too lazy to charge batteries. AND the fact that I could have surely found four AA batteries, for a princely sum, of course. Hopefully some of the pictures taken by various family members will make their way onto my hard drive. Because I suspect there are some cute ones of Sadie with her cousins.

So! Our trip, more or less:

Sunday night, we went down to Branson Landing. It’s a kind of pedi-mall on the White River. There were lots of shops and places to eat, and we wound up eating in this restaurant that was actually on the river. Why I didn’t think what this would mean to a person like me, I don’t know. But as soon as Trevor pointed out that the light fixtures–and, really, everything–were moving, I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough, by the time I was writing in the tip amount on the receipt, I knew I had to get the heck out of there, or I was going to lose my “Hunter’s Meatloaf.” Sadie had a blast, of course. She’s recently learned how to drink from a straw, so every glass of water on the table pretty much becomes hers. She had a freaking death grip on this one, and did some serious ice crunching.

After dinner, we walked along the river and paused to look at some ducks.

They’ve got this “fire and water” show at Branson Landing, which was pretty cool. This is not the fountain, because we had to skeedaddle as Sadie was a little freaked out by the giant bursts of flames coming from these metal tubes. After this, we headed to Marble Slab for ice cream. This has been my favorite chain ice cream shops since my friend moved to Dallas and I first got to try it. I always get the same thing–chocolate Swiss with cherries. On our stroll, Sadie was more than a little obsessed about all of the babies we saw. She kept pointing, saying, “Bay-bee? Bay-bee!” There was this one little girl walking around with her parents, and Sadie stood stock-still, arms outstretched, beckoning the kid to come to her. Finally, Sadie just ran up and gave her a hug. Fortunately, the girl’s parents though this was cute, especially as Sadie continued to harass her until they went out of reach.

On Monday, we drove to what the map suggested was Branson’s zoo and aquarium. We weren’t sure if we really wanted to go to a zoo or not, but Sadie fell asleep in the car, so we figured the drive was worth checking it out. Um, no. We didn’t even get out of the car. We headed back to downtown for lunch, and then we decided to head on out to Big Cedar Lodge to wait for my family to get there. The building where registration is located has this awesome table of tinker toys. Sadie was all too glad to stick them in her mouth. And to stand in the seat, of course. She likes to stand up on things that she apparently knows she shouldn’t and says, “Shit.” I’m sure she means “sit,” but it’s pretty cute. And slightly nerve wracking.

We had dinner at the fancier restaurant at the resort on Monday night. Sadie is stinking cute in her new moccasins, isn’t she? They’re a little big, and she won’t really wear them until it’s cold anyway, but it was fun to have her wear them a couple of times. Dinner was, shall we say, a total nightmare. Our reservations weren’t until 8:00–already a catastrophe in the making. Then, the table that was supposed to seat all 20 (21?) of us wasn’t ready. I don’t know what time it was when they finally seated us, except that it was meltdown time. Luckily, we were with family who were willing to give us a break from trying to keep Sadie happy, so we were able to scarf down our meals and get out of there.

We played a little miniature golf with the little cousins while the older kids did this Kids’ Camp thing. Miniature golf is on the very short list of things I suck at yet completely enjoy doing anyway. It was crazy hot, though. We kept the babies cool by strolling them into patches of shade as we found them.

Boating! On both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, we went out on Table Rock Lake on a couple of party barges. I was a wee bit nervous about how Sadie would react to being on a boat for four hours. As you can see, it was a hit. The first day, she wasn’t so crazy about getting in the lake with the life jacket on. She didn’t seem to mind it when we were in the boat, but once we were in the water, she wasn’t a happy camper. Wednesday was a different story. She really seemed to like watching the water as we sped through it. And I can’t even imagine what she thought at the sight of me tubing.

(Aren’t her little crossed feet the most nomable things ever? I swear, this must be a genetic habit–my feet are crossed the same way right now–and pretty much all of the time. We are ladies.)

In all, it was a totally fantastic vacation. Sadie had a blast with her cousins, and it was so much fun to watch her interact with them. Hopefully this will be something she gets to do ever year.

Gone baby, gone.

Trevor shaved his goatee (affectionally known in this family as his goat beard) this morning. He last shaved his chin before moving to Arkansas to volunteer at Heifer Ranch. Nearly SEVEN YEARS AGO. I have never, before now, seen his face totally clean-shaven (other than pictures). Handsome, let me tell you. Handsome either way.

It’s the end of an era.

Until he changes his mind, that is n


How sad is it that this is the first chance I’ve had in a while to post, and I’m posting from my phone while waiting in line to get my passport renewed. Pretty sad.

No, I am not about to be whisked away on an international escapade. But I do work for an international organization, my passport is way out-of-date (I got it in 1999, when my last name was still Stapleton, and I didn’t smile in the photo so my braces wouldn’t show), and prices on passports go up tomorrow. So! Here I wait.

Things are great at our house. Sadie is now exactly half my height. She says “Sadie” sometimes when prompted, which is totally awesome. And she will cock her head to the side and say “peek!” She’s climbing now, resulting this morning in a “thwap”‘as she fell off the desk chair.

Whew, I finally got a seat. My legs are tired, because I did a whopping 80 equate last night. Okay, they weren’t great form, but still. I’ve added squats to my exercise regimen. Oh! And I’m taking ballet! I’m super excited about it. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take ballet, and there’s a new studio opening in town with an adult class and very reasonable fees. I’m even going to do a little class Saturday mornings with Sadie.

Trevor’s got an out-of-town race this weekend, so it’ll be us girls Saturday. We’ve got Sadie’s BFF Margie’s first birthday party, and we are thrilled to celebrate with her family and our friends. Family vacation is coming up soon, too.

I guess that’s about it. I’ve been obsessing over preschool issues lately, so hopefully I’ll write a post about everything thats been rattling around in my head soon.

Also, I’m toying around with the idea of adding contributors to Parenting from Scratch. I’m clearly short on time these days, but I like what I’ve had going on here. If you’re interested, do let me know!


Let me tell you something (Heather, if you’re reading, that should be read with a Michael T. accent). This girl loves her shoes. I would have never imagined. Sometimes she’ll just bring me a pair, out of nowhere, and insist I put them on her. She’s also been working on getting them on herself.

I’d noticed that her pair of cheapo white sandals were pretty snug (and she’s long since outgrown her “first shoes,” so we went out and had her fitted for a new pair. After the shoe man put her in the pair that was my preference, Sadie made him put the pair SHE liked on. I kid you not. As the holder of the money, I won that battle (not that she even remembers…), and she got the closed-toe, white, sneakery sandals I figure she can wear socks with them if they still fit when it’s sock-wearing weather again.

Anyway, so the pictures! Ha! She is so hilarious sometimes. We were getting ready to go meet her Mimi and cousins at the pool, and she spotted her way-too-small sandals in the closet. She pushed past me to grab them, and went straight to the front door to leave. Ever the practical child, she stuck one shoe on each sholder and held them there as she tried to get the door open. Fortunately, she was distracted by the presence of her stroller on the porch, and she promptly dropped the shoes, allowing us to go swimming without them. What a card, that Sadie!

Water water. Water water.

So, I’m getting a little worried about something. Water. And Sadie. Not mixing so well anymore.

Apart from her first bath, Sadie has pretty well liked bath time, and I seem to remember her really digging the pool (and the lake) last summer. Now, not so much. I’ve tried to take her swimming twice, and neither time has gone well. And baths have become a struggle. One night this week, she refused to sit in the tub, so I just held her in my arms next to the tub and wiped her down with a washcloth.

So much mad for such a little baby.

Enjoying the lake.

Is this a phase? Gosh, I hope so. I was terriffically afraid of water for a really long time when I was a kid. My parents say it’s because my mom startled herself and me when giving me my first bath. My aunt says my dad tried to “cure” me of my fear by taking me in a boat and rocking it to show me it was no big deal. I have no memory of either. I do remember once, when I was little, taking my floaties off so I could get onto a foam surfboard in a swimming pool. I’d pulled the board over to the edge, because I couldn’t get on it from in the pool, as my floaties kept getting in the way. Of course, I fell straight in and couldn’t swim. I remember my little brother (a fish from the start) helped pull me out somehow, and my dad got me the rest of the way out. I didn’t need resuscitating or anything, but I think it definitely cemented my fear of the water. My aunt recalls, when I first came to stay with her and her family when I was 7, that I wouldn’t take a shower or a bath without screaming. I just stood in the tub while she bathed me. I kind of remember this, but I’m not sure if it was just that first night that I was like that, or if it continued.

I did eventually grow out of this fear, but it wasn’t until I was in the fifth grade that I learned to swim. My Girl Scout troop went to a dude ranch for a weekend, and my friend, Megan, got me to finally swim in the deep end. It took me another year before I’d jump off the diving board. To this day, I still can’t dive, and the best I can do is not drown.

I don’t want this for Sadie. I want this to be a phase. This is just a phase, right? What do I do? Can I do anything?

Violet. Sadie is a blueberry-eating machine!

So we went to the farmers market the other Saturday. And I bought some blueberries. Lots of them. I intend to make more jam, but we also like just munching them.

Sadie, apparently is a blueberry fiend. She ate at LEAST half a pint in one go. It was all I could just to get them inside. Oh, and when I dared to put them in the fridge! She started bouncing up and down, whimpering for more.

So, yeah, we’ve been eating a lot of blueberries.

In fact! I invented a recipe this morning, and if I ever perfect it, I’ll be sure to share it. Oatmeal blueberry pancakes. Pretty tasty!