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Camping or bust.

In a moment of spontaneity, we decided to take Sadie on her first camping trip this past Saturday. Trevor had a bike race on the Womble Trail, just outside Mt. Ida, Sunday morning. Trevor’s first race season, I went with him a handful of times, and we would camp out Saturday nights and hang out at the race Sunday all day. I had a baby shower to go to Sunday afternoon, so we had planned that Trevor would go up by himself Saturday night. But once Friday came, I was itching to do some fresh-air sleeping!

I had this grand plan that I would get Sadie ready for bed before putting her in the car–nighttime diaper, pjs, lovey. It would be perfect…she’s fall asleep in the car on the way, we’d get the tent set up, and lie her slumbering body in the tent, where she would sleep blissfully all night.

Don't let her smile fool you. Although she LOVES camping, Willow does not do well in the car. At one point we moved her to the front seat, and she still managed to throw up. Twice.

But, of course, we live in reality. A place where the summer sun doesn’t set before 8:30 and where car windows don’t have blinds or blackout curtains. Sadie cried the WHOLE WAY. Except for when I nursed her–oh, yes, I nursed Sadie while she was strapped in her car seat and while I was in my seatbelt. Or when I gave her my phone to play with. And even then, none of those “fixes” lasted all that long. But, we made it. Trevor pitched the tent, the dogs ran like maniacs, and we were all asleep by around 10:00.

Sadie actually did pretty well sleeping in the tent. I made a pallet for her next to me, and she mostly slept there. She woke up and wanted to nurse a few times, and she was kind of jazzed about waking up with the dogs sleeping around her (dou! wofwof!).

It had been a long time since I’d been camping last. We went twice while I was pregnant with Sadie, but that was long enough ago for me to forget, apparently, some key camping tidbits.

Like, frost. When it’s 89F when you’re packing up the car, it’s easy to forget that it just might be chilly and dewy when you wake up in the morning. At least, it was for me. Which would explain why I forgot to pack anything remotely warm for Sadie or myself. Sadie didn’t seem to mind, but it was kind of a bummer when she dumped the dogs’ water bowl on the leg of her pajama pants (her warmest article). It’s a good thing I don’t mind Sadie getting dirty, either, because the wet, freshly cut grass was sticking to her everywhere–not to mention her food. She loved it, though. At least I think she did.

We only hung around for about an hour and a half or so, because we had to shuttle Trevor and his teammate to the start of the race, and I needed to get on back to town for the baby shower.

Come. On. Nari.

Well, if you can't beat em, join em. Watching for Dad/The Boy to return.

Breakfast a la camp.