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One of those weeks.

Wowza. I’m glad it’s Friday. This has definitely been one of those weeks where, if it’s not one thing, it’s something else. I don’t like being a Master Complainer, but I need to get this off my chest.

This week we’ve:

  • Had glass bottle of very sticky soda smash on the kitchen floor. Cleaned it up, but not well enough.
  • Woken up to ants all over the sticky mess. Got rid of the ants and the stick mess with the steam mop.
  • Cracked two horribly rotten eggs from our darling chickens (first time I’ve experienced that).
  • Come home to Willow in her crate, surrounded by a pool of diarrhea and vomit (the crate that’s in the bedroom, our one carpeted room). This led to a multitude of complications, including the house reaching 85 degrees while we attempted to air it out.
  • Experienced the at-least-weekly cat vomit in the morning.
  • Woken up to another kitchen ant attack.
  • Probably had other absurd things happen that have blissfully escaped my mind.

BUT! We’ve had some good, too:

  • Sadie and I joined our friends for a end-of-the-summer swim and takeout dinner.
  • I went to my second ICAN meeting and felt really good about it. Went more in-depth about Sadie’s birth story.
  • Coincidentally bumped into a woman from the ICAN meeting as I was fleeing my poopy house and was invited to my first La Leche League meeting. This provided the perfect escape from the house–Sadie and I were able to eat dinner, play with other babies and talk about breastfeeding while the house aired out.
  • As I write this, running late for work, Trevor is kindly fixing me breakfast so I can take a breather. Thanks, love.

Oh, how I hope this Friday and weekend go better than the rest of this week.

Keeping up.

Every few months or so, whenever I notice how much Sadie has changed, progressed, developed, I kind of panic. About her toys. We’ve been very discriminating about what toys we keep in our home, in part because out house is quite small, but also because we don’t want her to be overloaded with plastic garbage. But I recently had what was probably my third moment of panic where I became practically obsessed with the idea that all of her toys were too babyish, that she’s probably bored out of her mind, and that we’re not paying close enough attention to helping her fulfill her developmental destiny (okay, that last part is admittedly a tad dramatic).

Is this happening to everyone else? Anyone?

I know the solution isn’t to rush out and buy a bunch of toys, but I can’t help but feel like her toy box needs a bit of a refresher. She’s always getting into something she shouldn’t in the kitchen, so I did get her some play food.

I’d really like to get her a play kitchen, but the wooden ones are expensive.

I don’t believe she NEEDS many toys at all, but what are other good toys for the 12-18 month range? The play food is actually for 3+, but there aren’t any parts small enough for her to swallow, so I suspect it’s because 3 is when they start “getting” the concepts this is supposed to “teach.” But I just think play food is fun. As in, I could amuse myself for hours playing with fake food. Hours.