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Keeping up.

Every few months or so, whenever I notice how much Sadie has changed, progressed, developed, I kind of panic. About her toys. We’ve been very discriminating about what toys we keep in our home, in part because out house is quite small, but also because we don’t want her to be overloaded with plastic garbage. But I recently had what was probably my third moment of panic where I became practically obsessed with the idea that all of her toys were too babyish, that she’s probably bored out of her mind, and that we’re not paying close enough attention to helping her fulfill her developmental destiny (okay, that last part is admittedly a tad dramatic).

Is this happening to everyone else? Anyone?

I know the solution isn’t to rush out and buy a bunch of toys, but I can’t help but feel like her toy box needs a bit of a refresher. She’s always getting into something she shouldn’t in the kitchen, so I did get her some play food.

I’d really like to get her a play kitchen, but the wooden ones are expensive.

I don’t believe she NEEDS many toys at all, but what are other good toys for the 12-18 month range? The play food is actually for 3+, but there aren’t any parts small enough for her to swallow, so I suspect it’s because 3 is when they start “getting” the concepts this is supposed to “teach.” But I just think play food is fun. As in, I could amuse myself for hours playing with fake food. Hours.