String bean

Sadie and I went to her 1-year check-up at her pediatrician’s yesterday morning. It was pretty uneventful, but a few things worth mentioning:

  • Sadie weighs 20 pounds! She’s mostly been on the upper end of the chart for her weight, but she’s now trending toward under the 50th percentile. This is normal for breastfed babies, and it’s definitely not surprising considering Trevor and I were tiny kids (skinny doesn’t even begin to justify it).
  • However, she is still toward the upper end of the chart for her height (30+ inches). Dr. Miers said we might just be catching her consistently after growth spurts, but that we’ll have a better picture of whether she’ll be towering over Trevor and me when she’s in the 6th grade in about six months.
  • Dr. Miers thinks we’re on the right track with night-weaning Sadie. She encourages me to continue breastfeeding as long as Sadie will, but she thinks that Sadie could be sleeping through the night at this point. And that Trevor’s efforts should help with that.*
  • I guess you’re supposed to teach your baby to play pat-a-cake by 12 months. Oh, well. She demonstrated she can high-five this morning, so I’m not worried. Dr. Miers wasn’t either.
  • Sadie is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to shots. She got two yesterday, and she only cried for a little tiny bit. A little nursing goes a long way!

*Oh, and in case you haven’t heard yet, SADIE SLEPT SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT last night! We’re hoping this wasn’t a fluke. Please, don’t let it be a fluke…

5 thoughts on “String bean

  1. Stephanie

    YAY on the 7 hours!!! Jasper has been going 6-7 for the past two or three nights, and it’s nuts and insane and GLORIOUS. Except I’m still really tired in the morning, and hoping to adjust.

    Are you guys spacing out her shots? They told me he’s supposed to get FIVE at his 12 month! We’re going to space them out as well. Or did you just not do some?

    Also, I had no clue that breastfed babies start to go down, weight-wise. Jazz is always around 40-50%, so I anticipate it will go down, now.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..uh, thanks? =-.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Yeah, I’m really tired, too. I think it will take a while for the extra sleep to make a serious dent in the sleep deprivation.

      We’ve been spacing out Sadie’s shots. We just did MMR (I guess it’s all in one shot?) and chicken pox. I decided to put Hep A and whatever other one she was supposed to get (I have a hard time remembering these things) off until 15 months. I try not to do more than two shots at a time. Our pediatrician is very on-board with alternative scheduling. I know a lot of parents do a ton of research and set their own schedules. I never felt like I could get a good enough handle, so I have trusted our pediatrician (who is AWESOME) to get where I’m coming from and to offer what she sees as a more spread-out schedule for Sadie. I think the only time Sadie’s had more than two shots at once was when she had her flu vaccine at the same appointment as some scheduled vaccines.

      As for the charts, I think it’s actually that breastfed babies are usually smaller than formula-fed babies, but the charts the doctors use was developed when breastfeeding was less common. So Sadie’s been big for a breastfed baby (previously around the 75th percentile, I think), but her pudge is starting to thin out. Considering all of her activity ALL THE TIME, this is not surprising!


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