Sadie’s birth in pictures: Part VIII

Okay, so I’m just going to clump the April 3rd pictures together. Because this is taking forever (I mean, nothing compared to the birth itself, but you’re likely getting bored with this). Plus, you’ve likely already seen all of these. AND, I want today to be all about Sadie, and how awesome she is now. In this moment.

April 3, 4:29am. Her time of birth was 3:59. Her head is wonky looking, she's got a meconium stain, and she's 8 pounds, 14 ounces of butterball goodness.

4:30am. Trevor gets to hold Sadie, before they take her to the nursery. I'm still in surgery.

11:38am. Yes, this is the first time I got to hold Sadie. I didn't get to nurse her, because her respiratory rate was too high. They brought her to me when they moved her from the term nursery to the NICU.

3:40pm. Sadie's ready to be transported to the other hospital.

9:51am. I've finally slept, and I've been able to nurse and love on my Sadie.

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