Our milk conundrum continues.

So remember when I was all, I’m grossed out at the thought of Sadie drinking cow’s milk? Right. Well, now I sure wish she would. I had my last pumping session last Friday. I had been considering it, and after 15 minutes of pumping, I had only a measly two ounces to show for it (yes, I do recognize that for some women, two ounces would be fantastic, but for me it was not). I used to feel really productive–in the most literal sense ever–in the Mother’s Room. So now Sadie only gets breastmilk straight from the source. That’s totally fine with me, as long as she’s still getting enough of what she needs, which I really don’t know how to tell. Her solids diet is pretty balanced, I believe. And she nurses twice in the morning, sometimes when I pick her up from daycare, and always at bedtime. In fact, she can now verbally request to nurse (“nuh nuh?”), and I almost always am able to nurse her within moments of her request (not, you know, in the checkout line, but once we get to the car or something). She likes drinking water, so I don’t think she’s at risk of becoming dehydrated.

I will not drink it from a cup. I will not drink it with my sup.

But every time Sadie takes a sip from her sippy cup and it has milk in it, she pretty much just dribbles it out of her mouth. We’re on probably our third half-gallon of whole milk (I’ve tried both organic from the grocery store and locally-sourced milk). She’s not a fan at all of soy milk, either. I know there are other nut/grain milk options, but they just don’t have enough calcium or protein by comparison. And something tells me she’d reject those anyway. Homegirl accepts no substitutes, apparently.

So what’s a mom to do? Do I have to go back to pumping? Is it alright if she just has water all day at daycare? Should I just try cow’s milk every couple of weeks, once a month, once a year, to see if she’s changed her mind?

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  1. Maria

    My friend, Kat, asked that I come here to comment. I had a similar dilemma with my son when he was a little over a year. I ended up asking that daycare only give him water in his cup, and we continued to nurse when we were together. I stopped pumping all together around 15 months. He nursed until he was nearly three, and at around one, we nursed at pick up from daycare, again in the evening/bedtime, overnight (we cosleep, so I never really knew how often!), and then at wake up and before I dropped him off at daycare. Slowly that dwindled as he ate more food.

    If you are nursing when you are together, there is little need to worry about the nutrition content of milk (if you chose soy/almond/rice or versus water). Her “filler” food is your breast milk. Cow’s milk replaces that, but if you are nursing and she otherwise is interested and eating foods, then there is no need for that filler.

    Good luck!
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..No ‘poo and the haircut compromise =-.

  2. Stephanie

    Ok, here’s our breakdown:

    Jasper has, at most, 8 ounces of whole milk a day. His doctors told us that parents are actually giving their children way too much whole milk, and it can break down the lining of the stomach and decrese the absorption of iron.

    Right now, he’s generally nursing three times a day–some time in the morning, some time in the afternoon, and always before bed. He’s sometimes nursing at night, sometimes not.

    Jasper LOVES water, and drinks it all day long.

    His sold food intake is pretty decent–we generally do something like this:

    7: wake up
    8:30: breakfast (iron-fortified barley cereal, water, & fruit–he generally eats blueberries, pears, apples, bananas, and oranges, so we mix it up.)
    10: nurse, nap
    12: lunch (usually whatever I’m having & sometimes juice–1/2 juice, 1/2 water. Sometimes it’s just water )
    2 or 3: nurse
    5 or 6: dinner (whatever we’re having, but also with yogurt & this is when he has a whole sippy cup of whole milk–he doesn’t always drink it all, but this is the only time of day I bring it out. If he drinks it, yay. If not, his doctors more than assured us he will be fine.)
    and he nurses before going to bed!

    I don’t know if that will help or not, but the whole milk thing is a pretty big deal. And it was St. Jude’s who told us that kids really don’t need as much milk, and that they’re seeing a lot more anemia in toddlers due to too much milk, sooooo. 🙂
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