Less and less a nursling.

Ready for the Tour, guys!

It’s so hard to believe she’ll be a year old soon. I was with a gaggle of women last night–mostly family, mostly mothers of varying ages. One of  my sister’s friends has a son just shy of a month younger than Sadie, and she was asking our older sister about how she weaned her first son. Turns out, at 20 months during a bout of one illness or another, he just decided “yuck,” and that was that. Now, I’ve been planning on letting Sadie nurse as long as she wants, but I’ve kind of figured that she’d nurse a good long time. As she gets older and more mobile and active, I’m starting to think (okay, worry) that she’s going to wean herself before too much longer. She definitely still wants to nurse, but it’s much less frequent. And it has to be on her terms. Don’t get me wrong–I’ve never MADE her nurse or anything (not sure that would even be possible), but she’s almost always gone along with any nursing session if I’ve initiated it. But more and more we’re having times when I think it would be a good time to nurse (say, before we get in the car to leave a social gathering), and she has other plans.

I don’t think all hope is lost. She still makes it pretty darn clear when she wants to nurse. But it’ll be sad when those times are fewer and farther between. And then gone.

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  1. Shannon

    that’s how nash did. he would nurse shorter periods of time and less frequent but would down a bottle. that’s when I and he started weaning and he did fine with the transisition.


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