Dresses & pumping don’t mix

Obviously. So, why am I sitting in the Mother’s Room, way more exposed than usual (not that there’s anybody to see me)? Because today was The Very Important Day. Today was Interview Day! In the space of a few hours I interviewed for, was offered, and accepted a full time position as a writer for Heifer International. I’ve been the temp in this position since last October. But now I’ll get a salary! And health insurance! And paid vacation!

I wasn’t nervous about the interview at all, but I am relieved that it’s over. My start date is next Thursday, so I’m going to take M-W to get some random, personal stuff sorted out–like the fact that Sadie has two Social Security Numbers. And also maybe to sleep.

A good day all around!

5 thoughts on “Dresses & pumping don’t mix

  1. Debbie

    Congrats! Heifer Project is a real love of mine:) Come link your blog to Arkansas Bloggers! We are just a “connecting group” – no obligations. Eventually, we hope to organize everyone by location, so be sure to give us yours. Hope to see you there:) arkansasbloggers.blogspot.com

    You can also visit my personal blog anytime you like:) diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com

  2. Fawn

    Congratulations! What an excellent adventure, indeed (aside from the pumping, of course). Maybe Sadie can use that extra social someday, you know, in case she decides to be a secret agent when she grows up or something…

  3. Shannon

    That’s awesome Brooke! Congrats! You are made for that job. And weird about Sadie having two socials. How does that even happen?

  4. Sam

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And I TOTALLY had the same debacle with a dress and a pump just the other day! Totally feel your pain! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!


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