Six weeks and counting

We’ve all survived the first six weeks!  Not that I didn’t think we would or anything…but six weeks seems to be a milestone of sorts.

Pretty in pink.

Pretty in pink.

I think we’ve mostly gotten in the swing of things.  We still have some frustrating days moments, but things are pretty predictable by now.  Here’s a set of updates:

Sleeping: We’ve gotten a lot better, I think, about our sleeping habits.  No more nights where Trevor sleeps holding Sadie for three hours in the chair in the living room.  Sadie now usually falls asleep with Trevor holding her while we watch a movie or show.  Then, Trevor takes her to bed and continues to hold her until the next time she wakes up to eat.  I feed her in bed (still not while lying down–we continue to be dependent upon the nursing pillow, for the most part), and then either put her in the bassinet, which is right next to my side of the bed, or I sort of spoon her next to me in our bed.  I had originally thought that we’d be hard-core co-sleepers with Sadie.  On principle, I 100% agree with co-sleeping.  It turns out, though, I’m a super picky sleeper, and sleeping with her next to me is not always comfortable, which makes me not sleep as deeply or as well.  So we’re working on doing a little of each: some time in the bassinet, and some time in the bed.  I’m not sure how things will go when she outgrows the bassinet–and that may be any day now.

Breastfeeding: It’s still not quite smooth sailing here.  Sadie definitely eats enough–she’s clearly growing like a weed (though it’s been four weeks since she was actually weighed, and it’ll be another week before she goes to the doctor, so I have no clue how much she weighs), and she has plenty of wet diapers.  The thing is, pretty frequently she seems to get super frustrated toward the end of a feed.  We’ll be cruising along just fine, and then she’ll slow down, pop herself off, get red in the face, and start swiping her arms around (not nice when her little hands catch my nipples, to be sure).  Sometimes this just means she’s got a burp to get out, but mostly it doesn’t seem to be that.  Sometimes she’ll even start really crying.  On a good day, I can get her calmed down enough to eat some more, but not always.  I’ve done a little reading online, and I appear to have a forceful milk ejection reflex.  At first I though she was getting frustrated because the milk was coming too fast (leading to her choking, etc.); but now I think she’s getting frustrated when the flow slows down.  I was switching her from one side to the other mid-feed, but after some investigating, I’ve been doing one side at each feed, because that is supposed to increase the amount of high-fat hindmilk that she recieves (of course, when she does actually “finish” one side during a sitting and still wants more, I offer the other side, but this doesn’t seem to happen too often).  I’m still a little sore, because even when we get a good latch, she tends to “scoot” herself down to the end fairly frequently.  I think this has to do either with her trying to regulate the flow or with her being tongue-tied.  Or both.

Babywearing: Thanks to Kat, we’re on our way to becoming babywearing pros!  I’d been given the Hotsling I registered for, but I think I might have selected the wrong size.  Since it’s not adjustable and she’s still so little, the cradle-carry is the only position we can do for now.  And when I put her in that position with the hotsling, her little legs are so easy for her to kick out, which is not safe.  I’m thinking the Hotsling might be an option when we can do the hip-carry or something.  But, for now, we’re borrowing Kat’s lovely handmade ring sling, for which she gave me a hands-on lesson the other night.  I carried Sadie in it a bit yesterday while I did some shopping, and she slept in it from the moment I finished adjusting it to when I put her back in the carseat.  It is sooo much easier to carry her in a sling than in the carseat, that’s for sure.  It was a bit warm for me yesterday (mostly because of my poor decision-making skills when I got dressed), but I think I’ll get acclimated to it.  We’re heading to the Greek Food Festival (!) for dinner tonight, and I think that’ll be a good test for us.  I’m hoping my aunt and her friend can take a look at Kat’s sling and be able to sew a sling just for Sadie and me.

Development: Watching her grow and develop is so much fun!  I always knew this would be one of my favorite things about having a baby.  Her head and neck control is astonishing to me. She never flops her head backwards, and I can pretty much carry her on my hip like a toddler with just a bit of attention to her head.  She’ll be in her Bumbo chair in no time.  The down side to this, though, is that it makes burping her in the sitting-up position a bit trickier, because she likes to straighten her neck and look around rather than slumping over to let me put good pressure on her tummy (I don’t like burping, as a side note).  The other exciting thing she’s started is the cooing.  It’s so darn cute.

Cloth diapering: I want to do a whole post on this, but I’ll just say that we’re LOVING the cloth diapers.  No weekly purchasing of the diapers or wipes.  No diaper rash (despite her sensitive skin).  No worries about what’s up against her skin.  Just a little extra laundry.  No biggie.

I’m sure I’m leaving loads out, including how I’m doing (just fine, I promise).  But it’s hard to get a post out when you’ve got a baby who still much prefers to be held and cuddled–though I do have her next to me on the couch right now…

5 thoughts on “Six weeks and counting

  1. Stephanie

    Jasper does the SAME thing when breastfeeding!! Not every time, but usually once a day he just freeeeeeaks out at the end. I think it’s what you’re thinking–the slowing down of the milk gets him frustrated. I thought about doing one side at a time, and we actually ended up doing that yesterday because we were out of the house for a few hours and I was feeding him in public, which I hadn’t done before.

  2. melissa

    another thing you forgot to mention: the fact that she is GORGEOUS. 🙂 happy six weeks, sadie and brooke and trevor!!!

  3. Natalea

    That is probably what is going on when she nurses. She is use to the heavy flow at first and gets frustrated when it slows down. A great breastfeeding and parenting website/forum is I have turned to it several times for advice on breastfeeding issues! I love it! I hope it helps!!!

  4. Stephanie

    I wasn’t finished, but Jaspy woke up! 🙂

    I think the way you guys are doing the sleeping is great–the most important thing is for each family to find out what works the best for them.

    Oh my god, burping. It’s so…so..sooo….!! Sometimes it’s super easy, and sometimes we’re awake for an hour after he eats, trying to burp him. Sometimes he burps like seven or eight times!

  5. Shannon

    Sounds like things are going good. She’s getting so big and so pretty! I want to see her again soon! (and you of course). If you all are up for it you will be getting a birthday invite soon!


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