This is what happens, Larry.

So it turns out I’m not always an effective communicator. This is a big problem when you are trying to raise a child with someone else.

Take last night, for example. I’d come to the conclusion that Sadie was ready to learn to fall asleep on her own. I’ve looked into some “sleep coaching” strategies, and I thought giving the Sleep Lady Shuffle a go would be a good plan (admittedly, this was my plan B until about 5:00 this evening). Sadie is night weaned for the most part, only nursing at bedtime and in the morning. Her receptive vocabulary is wide enough that she understands simple requests, like “put your head down.” And she’s had a small handful of instances where she has gone back to sleep on her own. At first. I wasn’t so sure about the Sleep Shuffle, but upon further consideration, I think that it is still in line with the parenting we’ve beenn providing Sadie. Yes, she would likely cry some. But, no, she would never cry alone. I would continue to be responsive to her throughout the night, just in a way that encourages her to learn to put and keep herself to sleep.

Okay, so last night. I talked to Trevor about what I was thinking. I explained the two scenarios. An added bonus was that the Sleep Shuffle was a one-man gig, so he was of the hook for a while (he’s definitely been pulling his weight in terms of nighttime parenting lately). I asked Trevor for his input, but he said he didn’t have any.

So we did Sadie’s bedtime routine, and Trevor left me to it. Sadie was doing better than I thought she would. She stood up a lot and fussed some, but she would lie back down when I would pat the mattress. She had just started to actually cry, and I was hugging on her to calm her down, when Trevor came in and insisted he take over. Effectively negating all of the time I had just spent in there with her. Turns out, Trevor did have some input. Frustration on my end. Trevor did get her to sleep quickly, but what she learned in the process was that Momma can’t do bedtime, and if she waits/fusses/cries long enough, Daddy will come take over. Not exactly what I was aiming for.

Lesson learned: be much more specific with Trevor with any plans involving changes to Sadie’s routine. Talk about a communication breakdown!

So here’s a cute picture of Sadie to counteract all the negativity of this post. Sadie had a lot of fun playing with her cousins on Sunday.

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