Musical beds

This is the kind of fun you have the day after your baby sleeps SIX HOURS IN A ROW!

It’s what I would call a shabooyah kind of day. Trevor would call it a boomshakalaka moment.

How sad is it that we celebrate six hours of uninterrupted sleep for Sadie? Pretty sad. But it was so awesome! Granted, we were only asleep for the second three hours of it, and the rest of the night wasn’t quite as awesome, but it wasn’t too hard at all. Especially for Trevor. Who Slept Through The Night. On the couch.

No, I’ve not been making him sleep on the couch. He’s been choosing to do so. And I’ve actually been sleeping most of my nights in Sadie’s twin bed (that is, her bed for when she’s a Big Girl). We’ve been doing this musical beds thing for a couple of weeks now, I think. There was one night that I was ready to go to bed, and I lamented that Sadie would probably wake up just 20 minutes after I got in bed… just in time for me to be right about asleep (Sadie’s crib is in our bedroom). And Trevor was brilliant and suggested I try to sleep in the other room, and he would start out the night on the couch. Sadie slept an additional two hours after that. We haven’t quite figured out exactly what the best method is, but we have learned a few things along the way.

  1. Co-sleeping is not for Trevor. He has been in a MUCH better, more willingly helpful mood when I have needed him to take over if Sadie is being particularly difficult in the middle of the night. Friday night he even took the initiative to get up with Sadie at the outset, rather than being the “pinch hitter,” as usual–I slept four hours in a row! Well, I actually woke up each time he got up with her, but the simple fact that I got to stay in bed was marvelous. Turns out, it’s having Sadie wrestling around in the bed for 30 minutes before I decide I can’t get her to sleep that had Trevor getting irritable.
  2. Sadie definitely sleeps better–at least for the first part of the night–alone in the room. She and I usually end up back in bed together at some point, mostly because I get too sleepy to stay awake long enough to put her back in the crib.
  3. I also think Sadie sleeps better with the pets out of the room. We’ve been keeping the door closed even when it’s both Sadie and me in the bedroom, and I think the absence of the animals’ miscellaneous noises has made a difference. If Willow could read, this would be where I’d drop the big hint about her head-shaking-ears-flapping noise that I could have SWORN was silent until after Sadie was born.

So! With these lessons learned, I think there are some more changes up ahead. Hopefully they won’t be too disruptive, but we can always change things back if they don’t work out. I’d really like Trevor and me going to sleep (and staying) in the same bed again. I don’t like that he’s on the couch. Sadie’s bedroom is still too cold at night, but I think once the nights get a little warmer, we’re going to move Sadie’s crib into her bedroom. That way Trevor and I have our bed back to ourselves. And the pets can be in our bedroom. And if Sadie does need a little co-sleeping, she and I can always finish the night in the bed in her bedroom (just don’t call the co-sleeping police on us).

So here’s to many more long stretches of sleep ahead! Geeze, I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Musical beds

  1. Shannon

    Have you tried a noise machine or played a CD while she sleeps? That helps with the other various noises that might normally wake her up.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Yes, we have a sound machine. She’s always liked rain sounds. And we use music as part of her “going to sleep” routine. I’m not sure how I feel about a CD running all night. Definitely not while she’s in our room. The rain sounds can be annoying enough. It might be something to consider once she’s in her own room, but there will still be the monitor…


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